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If you are seeking an opportunity for you to openly talk about your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment, you have come to the right place.

As an experienced Family Therapist, I have assisted many families in working through their challenges to a better resolution.  If you are feeling upset, confused, alone—I am here to help.

I value working with clients to find balance in their lives. My specialties include: Relationship difficulties (marriage, family, work), life's challenging transitions, postpartum depression, emotional overeating, depression, grief and loss, stress related anxiety and mindfulness. In addition, I work with couples, children of all ages, teens, parents, siblings and grandparents, who all benefit from compassionate and encouraging treatment. I provide support for many families who go through the painful divorce process, offering sensitive and confidential counseling to help families grieve, cope with loss, and heal.

In case you are unable to come to the office (babysitter canceled, not feeling well, inclement weather), we can chat or skype online, or have a phone session.

Take the first step now. Call or email for a free phone consultation now: (718) 887-4400 .



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