About Child Therapy

Child therapy focuses on the emotional and social well-being of the child. Therapy has numerous benefits for children: stimulating self-esteem, and promoting appropriate behavior. The child’s limitations in expressing feelings into words requires the therapist to be fluent in the unspoken cues and clues of a child. For child therapy we use play to communicate with children.  

Play therapy is based upon the fact that a child’s natural form of self-expression is play, and play therapy provides the opportunity for children to play out their emotions.  Play therapy is different than regular play in that therapists are trained to use play in specific ways in order to help kids address and resolve challenges.  Play can be either directive (therapist leads the child through play) or nondirective (therapist takes an observer role with child’s play).  We incorporate both directive and nondirective of play in order to address each child’s needs.

Child therapy goals are to resolve issues, build self-confidence, develop communication, and encourage positive growth.

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