Q. Can I do a session via phone or Skype?

A. Yes, you can register here for a phone or Skype session.

Q. Do you take insurance?

A. Yes, we take some insurance. 

Q. Can you help couples in individual sessions, or should we come in together?

A. Either option can be effective. We can choose together which will be the better fit for you.

Q. What happens in a therapy session?

A. We recognize that your first counseling session may be more frightening than the challenge that is causing you to seek counseling. The first session opens with greetings and then focuses on listening to the issues that brought you to therapy.

What you share will be reflected back to you in a summary of what you said. You may be encouraged to consider things from a different point of view. The intention is for you to feel heard, and that you are in charge as together we explore your feelings.

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